Dream & Idea Foundation started when its founder, Fawzieh Shahrour, has set up a real Business Consulting model that transforms the long journey of experience as an employee and business consultant with the UN and various Public Sectors in the Middle East. WHY... THERE WAS AN IDEA
D&I in Brief ….

Dream & Idea consulting is a leading future transformation through today’s innovation firm established in Amman, Jordan in 2019. we enable business readiness to future challenges through a unique set of consultancy services and technology driven solutions.

Who we are?

We are a distinguished team of consultants and trainers; who design and develop solutions to transform your business from today’s incremental innovation to tomorrow’s trans for national innovation


Why Multinational Organizations choose us:

  • Provide a tailor consulting and training solutions.
  • Provide the Organization with Service Portal without extra costs
  • Recognized, international and Exclusive Subject matter Experts.
  • Our Training and Consultation will be measured in Term of Return of knowledge and return of investment.
  • Utilize a fully customized solutions of Virtual reality and AI tools to complement our services.
  • D&I committed to the international Best practices.
  • Using and Establishing branded E-assessment for any service.
Brief about D&I Founder
Fawzieh Shahrour

Extensive experience of more than 18 years with UN, Government agencies and consultancy firms at the capacity of Senior Consultant in the fields of Business Innovation & future Shaping, Artificial Intelligence & Future Management Tools, and business excellence. Also fulfilled the role of a regional manager, Project manager, and Trainer, in the fields of business excellence, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, strategic HR, customer service excellence, policy and procedures, and management.

Our Services Drivers
Futurist Vision
At Dream & Idea, we provide solutions and services inspired by the future We believe that a business needs to visualize the future and business innovators reinvent their business model to be ready for future challenges
Artificial Intelligence
we offer our clients consulting services that transform their business services using artificial intelligence solutions, we also strive to enable their business to achieve a competitive edge and enhance their readiness to the future through artificial intelligence solutions
Integrated International Solution
our consulting services are based on international models and frameworks that enable the business to be aligned with the best practices available in the market and shift from incremental improvements status to disruptive and breakthrough culture
Committed to Business Success
our ultimate goal is to achieve a leading position and competitive advantage for our clients. Our services enable our clients to harvest results that meet international competitive KPIs and awards.
We Love What We Do
We love our work and we are passionate about transforming today’s organizations through innovation, future-shaping and artificial intelligence solutions to become future organizations
Proven Track Record
Our team has implemented various successful consulting projects in various fields such as business innovation, excellence, future-shaping and artificial intelligence. Many projects resulted in achieving leading positions for our clients in the Middle East
The right team for your project
we love what we do