Artificial Intelligence & Future management Tools

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AI Organizational Maturity Certification
As a certified consulting body from IAIDL, USA we conduct AI maturity assessment based on AIMA model to facilitate the business AI certification IAIDL
International Artificial Intelligence Driving License
We deliver an Intensive and Comprehensive competency-based Training Program that enables participants to become fully competent in the use of the AI and future management tools. IAIDL modules delivered at two-level, the Basic Level: which provide essential knowledge of AI and comprehend all the related information for our 8 modules. And the Advance Level: which provides Advance knowledge and skill of using and Implementing AI with all its supportive Tools.
Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
The complexity of the world around us is creating a demand for cognition-enabled interfaces that will simplify and enhance the way we interact with the environment. Our latest trending involvement in training, education, and business is the use of Robots and AI. We provide robots that are programmed to do specific jobs such as; Hospitality, retail work, home service, and public service. Investing in robots will add a competitive advantage to your company, help to achieve operational excellence and customers’ intimacy.
Virtual Realty Implementation
Virtual Reality became the reality of business development in the industry today. Through this service, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ease the demonstration of big projects.

Our team of VR experts will build the scenarios, develop it, and provide you with the necessary tools to excel.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality superimposes digital perceptual information in your place or workspace. This reality can be viewed using a mobile app, or an app on a tool called HoloLens. D&I provides full Augmented Reality solutions