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Innovation Management
D&I is one of the leading Business Innovation consulting firm in the region, we provide a comprehensive innovation consulting services and solutions that drive incremental innovation to breakthrough and disruptive innovation. We employ various international Innovation model and design innovative approaches to transform corporate innovation.

We are eager to achieve sustainable business growth through the design and implementation of leading-edge business innovation solutions.
Future shaping
Creating a path to Shape the future. As a futurist driven organization, we leverage complexity to harness opportunity, we work to help the business to build its future readiness roadmaps and plans through using different Future intelligence tools and inspire business leaders to create their business vision for the future.
Future management tools
Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
The complexity of the world around us is creating a demand for cognition-enabled interfaces that will simplify and enhance the way we interact with the environment. Our latest trending involvement in training, education, and business is the use of Robots and AI. We provide robots that are programmed to do specific jobs such as; Hospitality, retail work, home service, and public service. Investing in robots will add a competitive advantage to your company, help to achieve operational excellence and customers’ intimacy.
Virtual Reality Implementation
Virtual Reality became the reality of business development in the industry today. Through this service, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ease the demonstration of big projects
Our team of VR experts will build the scenarios, develop it, and provide you with the necessary tools to excel.
Management Consulting
We support organizations to breakthrough barriers to growth and success, we harness the passion of business leaders through our spectrum of management consulting services toward change and adopting new practices in the management industry. We help business to build best solutions for current and future challenges, we design corporate strategies that boost business transformation and future sustainability.

Why Our Services

International Best Practices
Our services based on
international best practices
and frameworks.
We deliver practices
meet future challenges
Our services delivered by highly qualified consultants and experts, they have diverse skills and knowledge, they managed to lead business toward success
Technology Driven Services
Technology is an integral part in the services we deliver, we provide software and platform that support business toward smart and AI transformation
Meet Customer Needs
Our main focus is to provide services that meet customer currently and future needs. We study and assess customer real needs and design our services accordingly


We support innovation
ecosystem through
designing innovation
labs according to the
international standards
for establishing and
managing innovation labs.
Customer Experience Innovation
We support the business to innovate their customer experience and understand where are the “pain points” that users encounter along their experience cycle using the design thinking tools.
Virtual Reality Projects

We support the business to design
and establish virtual reality projects
to provides experimental environments for simulation, augmentation, and 3D interaction to create Immersive Virtual Experiment Environment.